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There is an additional charge of $50.00 for a dog per month, and a $25.00 additional charge for a cat per month. This charge is for (1) pet only. Tenant will pay $250 per cat and/or $500 per dog as a non-refundable Pet Fee in addition to other fees required by the lease.

Number of Pets

Tenant may have no more than 2 pets at anytime. Dogs cannot exceed forty (40) lbs when full grown.


Dogs are permitted. If you have a puppy, he or she must be kennel (crated) whenever left alone in your apartment. If you are going to have a dog you will need to provide our office with vet verification states the dog(s) weight. This will need to be provided prior to the dog residing in the unit.


Fish are permitted.


Tenant must keep dogs and cats on a leash at all times when out of the apartment. Tenant will not stake out or allow any pets to run loose. Pets are not permitted in the playground areas (if applicable). If pet is not on a leash this will be a lease break causing you to vacant your unit.

Pet Droppings

The township does require all pet owners to clean up after their pets. Our rules and regulations require the same. If we notice or receive complaints of you not cleaning up after your pet this will be an automatic lease violation and you will be asked to vacate.


Tenant is responsible for any damage caused by pet to the interior of any apartment (walls, floors, carpet, etc.), lawns, trees, bushes, shrubs, or personal property and or injury.

Pet Bites

A confirmed report of a pet having bitten a person will result in notice to the tenant that the tenant must permanently remove the pet from the property. Tenant is responsible for any legal claims arising from his/her pet having bitten a person.


Tenant must supply a photograph of the pet.

Securing Your Pet

Management is in no way responsible for your pet, if your pet escapes the apartment during the course of regular or emergency maintenance.

First Pet

Dog Cat None

Second Pet

Dog Cat None