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About Central PA

• Family Living. York, rich in traditional values, provides a safe, affordable haven for living and raising a family.

• Location. York is within easy commuting distance to major cities such as Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City. York is also easily accessible to interstate highways, Harrisburg International and Baltimore-Washington International Airports, Baltimore Seaport, Lancaster Train Station, and local bus terminals.

• Educational Excellence. The York County educational system is highly accredited and includes both public and private schools. York also has two colleges: York College, a 4 year Liberal Arts school offering Baccalaureate and Master degree programs; and Penn-State-York, the 2 year satellite campus of The Pennsylvania State University, offering Associate degree programs and some Baccalaureate degree requirement course work. There are also colleges within easy commuting distance from York such as: Dickinson in Carlisle, Franklin & Marshall in Lancaster, Gettysburg, Millersville University, Elizabethtown, and Harrisburg Area Community College.

• Economic Diversity. The harmonious balance of agriculture, industry and service sectors has afforded York sufficient diversity to fuel its economy even through times of economic uncertainty. York has flourished as a major hub of industry and distribution throughout history. Such notable corporations have headquarters or divisions in York such as: Harley-Davidson, Inc., York Barbell, BMY-Combat Systems, Caterpillar, Inc., Hanover Direct Inc., York International Corp., The Graham Companies, McCrory Corp., Susquehanna Pfaltzgraff Co., Bon Ton Stores, Inc., Rutter's Corp., Danskin, Dentsply International, Inc., etc.

• Heritage. York is known as the First Capital of the United States of America. In 1776, it was in the York Colonial Courthouse that the Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation, officially forming the United States of America. Immigrants of German, Scottish, Irish, and English descent settled in York. Today, a stroll through York's colonial district, the largest in Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia, will provide insight to its rich heritage.

• Religion. Old-fashioned family values are at the heart of most native York County residents. Because of this strong belief system, York has many active churches, synagogues, etc. of all denominations. One must only tap into the resource of the Yellow Pages to learn location of the church or synagogue of your preference.

• Tradition. York has America's oldest county fair. The York Fair has been in existence for 228 years and many of the attractions are the same today as they were when originated. Original attractions such as judging of livestock, fowl, produce, baking, arts and crafts have been combined with modern day games, rides, and entertainment.

• The Arts. York has a rich array of artistic outlets. The Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center hosts live entertainment and shows classic films. The York Art Association highlights local artists' work and offers classes to the public. York Little Theatre presents its own productions as well as famous musicals and comedies. Acting classes are offered to the public. York's Premier Dance Arts Company provides the county with quality dance arts programs and strives to promote civic appreciation of the art of dance. The York Symphony Orchestra Association, a seventy-member community orchestra, performs special and subscription series concerts for the community.

• Agriculture. York County's fertile soil and farmlands produce fresh produce, poultry, meats and dairy products. Residents enjoy the availability of these items year-round. With three local Farmer's Markets, some of the oldest in the country, York residents benefit from well-rounded diets fortified by agriculture's finest. York also has America's oldest county fair, which originated as an agricultural fair.

• Medical Facilities. York is proud of its three state-of-the-art hospitals, one teaching facility and one rehabilitation hospital.

• Elder Care. The tight family bonding found in York necessitates care for its elder members. There are active senior citizens programs, and many modern retirement villages and homes which are conveniently located.

• Shopping. York has a core downtown shopping district, an abundance of shopping centers, malls, markets, and outlet stores. Conveniently located to Lancaster and Reading, York proves to be an easy commute to the major outlet shopping districts.

• Service Organizations. There are many active men's, women's and civic organizations that support the community through projects, fundraisers, and scholarships.

• Recreation. For the sports enthusiast, York offers a variety of facilities and activities. There are 23 York City Parks, 6 York County Parks, and 3 State Parks in York. They include facilities such as bike trails, horseback riding trails, cross country skiing, fishing, boating, and camping. York, with its close proximity to the Susquehanna River, affords summer water activities such as fishing, boating, water skiing, and swimming. The rich York County vegetation supports an abundance of wildlife. In an attempt to control animal population, hunting with a license is allowed in some areas. Contact the State Fish and Game Commission for details. For the avid golfer, York county boasts 18 well-manicured courses.

• Climate. York County has four three-month seasons: Summer (warm to hot) — shorts weather, suitable for swimming and outdoor recreation; Autumn (cool) — sweater weather, perfect for hiking, football or just to enjoy nature's beautiful array of vibrant autumn colors; Winter(cool to cold) — jacket weather, suitable for snow skiing, ice skating, and other winter sports; and Spring (cool to moderate) — light jacket weather, suitable for hiking, golfing and watching as nature awakens from its winter slumber in bursting, beautiful spring colors found in the natural foliage and landscaped yards.